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Wan-Ju Wei is an international artist and curator, currently lives and works in Seattle, WA. She has speeches and workshops at Torpedo Factory Art Center, Vermont Studio Center and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has curatorial experiences in galleries around Savannah, GA and Boston, MA. She  also participates in numerous international exhibitions, and works are frequently honored with awards.

Wan-Ju’s work is based on the perception of Shadow. In her painting, shadow is more than the identity of the objects, it refers to an individually spaces, and emotions. She has been exploring shadows through colors,  medium, and difference forms of installations. Her work is also focusing on the relationship between shadows and texture where both refer to time’s massage and how people feel, grow, change, influence and perceive an accumulative experience around where we live and visualize.

Wan-Ju grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. She started art training in Fu Xing Art School and gained her Bachelor degree in fine arts at Da Yeh University, Taiwan and Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia. She taught painting and drawing to both children and adults, developing their skills in art. She demonstrated the watercolor painting to High school students, building flame techniques to undergraduate students. This experience with art activities influenced her to realize more firmly desire, to move towards artistic creation.